Daisy dreaming

Daisy dreaming


Bag – Couronne. Boots – Zara. Skirt – Mango. Trench coat – YesStyle

And just like that, back home. Of course, jetlagged again up to my eyeballs, despite the numerous Red Bull showers I’ve taken in the past few hours and all that effort put into not trying to calculate what time it is in Seoul. The latter wasn’t too difficult, to be honest, addition was never my strong point. At some point during the day my body just keeled over and moaned like a pirate and I assumed it was past midnight in the Far East. My husband had suffered some kind of a food poisoning during the 13hour flight and had gone into man-flu mode the minute we landed. He slept till 4pm, woke up to pee, and muttered ‘I don’t feel jetlagged at all’ while I was sprawled, sluggish, in our open suitcases in the name of unpacking. Divorce him, I may. Anyhoo. While I was still up and unpacking (the whole five minutes) I found this – Daisy by Marc Jacobs – one of my favourite scents, a spritz of which took me straight back to this time last year when I had my NYC cherry popped. In fact, I started dreaming of the grand buildings, Central Park and yellow cabs, at which point the dirty laundry in our suitcases made for a soft bedding…

I won’t be travelling for NYFW this season, which pains my heart more than my jetlagged body cares for, but here’s a wee tip to those who will be there in the next week or so: A little bird tells me that there will be a Daisy pop-up store where the currency is not in $$ but ##. One cheeky tweet/a photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MJDaisyChain will be all you need to claim a Daisy sample of your own – and since I won’t be there tweeting the life out of my phone in exchange for some Daisy top-up, or what I call, ‘NY-in-a-bottle’, I hope some of you will be able to. Make good memories!

The Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop will be in Soho, 462 West Broadway from 7-9 February (11am-7pm)

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