APC Butler Program REPOST

APC Butler Program REPOST

APC1WebI was really surprised and touched by the passionate response to this post.


What I think I understood from the comments, is that there is not really another item of clothing that can capture the personality and history of a person as perfectly as a well-worn pair of jeans.


Sneakers? A leather jacket?


What these commentors seemed to have in common is that they search for the perfect pair of jeans and then wear them to death, literally.  I understand that concept, but I like/wear white jeans, black jeans, raw denim and pre washed– basically it would take me forever to get one pair of jeans to that condition on my own! Years ago, I had some Levis 501s that wore out like that, but I would never wear them now, not the fault of the denim, but the leg is just too full cut for me now.


I learned something from that post, so please let’s keep the fact that I bought them that way stay just between us million or so friends.



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